If you’re looking for good quality at a fair price, you’re in the right place at the right time!

For any special requests regarding editing and retouching, let me know prior to your session. Also, I don’t shoot videos and currently I don’t photograph large wedding parties and newborns. When it comes to sharing my images on social media, be sweet & kind and mention my name and website or my Facebook page and tag me. I don’t use watermarks because I find them annoying.


Type of Photoshoot Price
1-2 images, 1 location, any kind of subject 20 EUR
up to 25 images, 1 or 2 locations, any kind of subject 50 EUR
up to 50 images, 2 or more locations, lighting assistant, any kind of subject 100 EUR
live concert coverage / music festival 50 EUR if in Belgrade
100 EUR if traveling
modeling book 150 EUR
boudoir / erotica / nude 150 EUR
wedding shoot ( up to 100 images, lighting assistant ) 200 EUR if in Belgrade
250 EUR if traveling
pre-wedding or engagement shoot ( 30 to 50 images, lighting assistant ) 100 – 150 EUR if in Belgrade
200 EUR if traveling
christening shoot 50 EUR if in Belgrade
100 EUR if traveling
maternity shoot 50 EUR
small parties ( up to 25 people) 50 EUR if in Belgrade
100 EUR if traveling
big parties (more than 25 people) 100 EUR if in Belgrade
150 EUR if traveling
commercial products for catalogs and online shops email me
some crazy alternative stuff I haven’t listed email me, I’m up for it ( probably )