Hello! My name is Jasenka and I’m a photographer from Belgrade, Serbia.

Even though I graduated from the Department of Italian Studies, I changed my mind soon after graduation and decided to pursue visual arts. That’s when all hell broke loose, but I don’t regret it. I love photography too much to consider it just a job or hobby of mine – it’s a lifestyle, a necessary daily fix.

I’ve worked as a part-time photojournalist and cruise ship photographer before I decided to go back to school and obtain another degree. I attended Hudson Valley Community College in Albany, NY (2012-2014) where I got a degree in Digital Media. Afterwards, I’ve spent a year in the USA, as a graphic design intern in Albany, NY and photography intern at TRG Studio in Cleveland, OH. Currently, I’m a web designer and writer at Light Stalking, a popular photography blog.

I’m a big fan of outdoor portrait and stage photography as well as band promo shoots and I’m looking forward to working with young bands and artists. I’ll add a bit of trivia – I live with my boyfriend (and photo assistant!) Antonio on the 10th floor of an old high-rise building (after moving out from a modified garage apartment where we’ve spent around two years) and in addition to my photo equipment, we own a guitar, synthesizer and tambourine, so I guess you can call it a full-time artist life. A bit tough at times, but quite fun.

Jasenka Grujin